Reflections of you, Baytown

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Back In January when I started this gig, I was asked what inspired me personally, not to be confused with what inspires the semi-coherent ramblings I offer up. I answered being truly inspired by Joe and Jane Citizen. You know, the guys and gals who get up each day and keep this big rock spinning on its axis.  That’s not meant to discount the role of the Big Guy, but you know the type I’m talking about.

I started off this past week in awe of the stories behind Baytown’s Citizen of the Year, along with the runners-up, and unsung heroes.  It’s great to see hardworking people, who are adept at laboring in the background, receive notice and accolades.

Last week’s article about appearing nude at city hall created a little stir, but it came from an unlikely crowd.  I’d like to recognize all those kind ladies, who let me know they are way past their thirties, and also disappointed in today’s fashion choices, even in shopping outside our fair city. Anyway, the best part was their gratitude for my going public, and I appreciated it beyond words.

Tuesday, I had the pleasure of meeting with a fine group of ladies who are working very hard to put on the annual SFA Elementary 5th-grade play day.  Let me say as an SFA elementary alumnus (Go Gators!) that WOW, we’ve come a long way. The highlight of the meeting was the announcement that the owner of the new Chik-Fil-A, Drew Ellis, was making a most generous donation to the cause.

 I moved to Baytown mid-way through my fourth-grade year, and Mrs. Delores Ellis (Drew’s mother) was my first teacher at SFA. I remember her fondly, not just because she was a great teacher, but because of the kindness she showed me after my beloved dog was run over just weeks after settling in.

Mrs. Ellis’ son, Drew, is my age, and we shared many classrooms before graduation. I have many memories of Drew, but a specific one from Mr. Macinski’s chemistry class came straight to mind. Drew was a real cut-up, and that year he found a certain laxative commercial comical, and parroted it in class many times. I can still see, and hear him singing it, but for the life of me can’t remember the name of the product.  I hope Drew still has that sense of humor.  If not, I have three kids as well, and I’ll have to take them over to Chik-Fil-A, so he can embarrass me.

Lastly, it was with great sadness that the news of the recent fire at the new Highlands Junior High spread throughout Baytown.  Adding insult to injury was that the choir’s fund-raising money had also been stolen, and a summer choir trip was in jeopardy. Armed with that fact, sports leagues and other choir groups in Baytown and Highlands have been organizing various ways to make sure those kids don’t miss that trip. Of note is that some organizers’ children attend other junior schools.

I’ve been asked a time or two why I’ve remained in Baytown. Take a look in the mirror, and you’ll see my answer.  I’m honored to have you all as my neighbors.

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  1. Margaret Whatley Says:


    Thank you for your website; this way I get to keep up with what is happening in my family’s daily life! Was excited to know Scooter, who is such a sweet dog, has been included.
    For everyone who doesn’t know Natalie is the kind of daughter-in-law everyone dreams of! And she is mine!


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